British burn Falmouth, Massachusetts (now Portland, Maine) to the ground..

Saxon King Edmund Ironsides, is defeated by invading Danes, led by Cnut the Great, so they divided up the country.
Irish Lord Justice James Butler, Earl of Ormond and constable of Dublin Castle, dies in Knocktopher castle Kilkenny.
Scotland's Queen Margaret Tudor, wife of James IV and elder sister of King Henry VIII, dies in Perthshire.
Welsh gambler Richard ‘Beau’ Nash, who made the City of Bath, the center of fashion, was born in Swansea.
British Colonial shoemakers in Boston form the countries first labor organization.
British colonial forces led by William Phips starts bombarding Quebec from 37 ships, as French refused to surrender.
Irish actress Peg Woffington, leading lady and star of Georgian London's Garrick Theatre, was born in Dublin.
British fleet bombardment colonial rebels in Falmouth, Maine, with incendiary shot, and it burn it to the ground.
Canadian Fort Chambly is captured by colonial rebels led by Richard Montgomery who were on route to Quebec.
English surveyors Mason and Dixon, settle Penn and Calvert families’ boundary at N Lat 39 degrees and 43 minutes.
Scottish parishioners in Laigh Church in Kilmarnock stampede during service due to falling plaster 29 are Killed.
London Publishing house of Richard Bentley, prints Herman Melville's book Moby-Dick, as 'The Whale'.
British politician Lord Palmerston nicknamed "Pumice-stone", for his abrasive and arrogant style, dies in London.
Ireland's Land League under the guidance of Irish landlord Charles Stewart Parnell, issues a “no rents manifesto”.
London's Old Bailey Criminal Court, starts the trial of American Dr Crippen for the dismembering of his wife.
Canada's 15th Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau, lawyer and Liberal Party Leader was born in Montreal.
London's Marconi House becomes the official home of the newly formed British Broadcasting Corporation
Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip visited the US, to mark the 350th anniversary of the British settling in Virginia.
Scotland’s youngest national footballer player Denis Law at 18 yrs. and 7 months played against Wales at Cardiff.
British MP Harold Macmillan resigned because of ill health. Sir Alec Douglas-Home became the new Prime Minister.
Queen Elizabeth granted a royal pardon to Timothy Evans, wrongly hanged in 1950, for the Christie murderers.
Canadian entrepreneur Elizabeth Arden, who built a cosmetics empire in the USA, dies in New York.
Irish language writer Máirtin Ó Cadhain, one of the country’s most prominent authors, "Cré na Cille", dies in Dublin.
Canada's former Ontario Premier John P. Robarts dies of a self-inflicted gunshot wound in his shower.
English racing driver Nigel Mansell, won the Mexican Grand Prix.
England’s Grand National three times winner, race horse Red Rum at the age of 30 dies and was buried at Aintree
Britains BBC TV presenter Richard Bacon, of the children’s show ‘Blue Peter' is sacked for taking cocaine.
Irelands worst airline strike in 20 years strands more than 20,000 passengers, as Aer Lingus grounds all its planes.
British PM David Cameron announces that Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi was killed in his home town of Sirte.
Welsh Kurds living in Cardiff protest over fear for their homeland in Iraqi Kurdistan becoming an Islamic State.
Britain and Europe still ban American travelers visiting, till the country controls the corona 19 virus outbreak.
Britain 42,915 dead, 505 this week, America, 214,735 dead, 5027 this week. Still no national face mask order.
(Unless otherwise indicated, all illustrations are courtesy of Wikipedia)

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