1812 American invasion of Canada foiled.

1307 Scotland's Knights Templar's are dissolved by the Pope, assets given to the Order of St John of Jerusalem.

1399 Henry IV the first King of the House of Lancaster, was crowned king of England and Lord of Ireland.

1494 Irelands new Viceroy Sir Edward Poynings lands at Howth and summons a parliament to Drogheda.

1566 Irelands Lord Treasurer Richard Boyle, described as the "first colonial millionaire" was born in Canterbury.

1710 British forces take the Acadian capital of Port Royal, renaming it Annapolis Royal, in honour of Queen Anne.

1776 Irish soldier and British colonial administrator, Guy Carleton, corners colonial rebel fleet at Crown Point.

1812 Canada is saved from invading American forces by British Loyalists at the Battle of Queenstown Heights.

1812 Canadian Hero Isaac Brock, is shot by invading Americans at the battle of Queenstown Heights.

1823 Irish writer, biographer and essayist, Sara Atkinson, is born in Athlone, County Roscommon.

1853 King Edward VII mistress actress Lillie Langtry, was born Emilie Charlotte Le Bretonon on the island of Jersey.

1862 Scotland’s worst train accident to date, when two trains collided head on in a cutting N.E of Winchburgh.

1881 Irish activist Charles Stewart Parnell and others are arrested for Land League activities.

1884 London's Greenwich observatories meridian of longitude is now standard times throughout the world.

1899 Canadian Military contingent organized to serve with British Troops in the South African Boar War.

1915 Scottish poet Charles Hamilton Sorley is killed by a sniper’s bullet during the Battle of Loos.

1917 Canada's Military Service Act requires bachelors from age 20-34 to register for military service.

1925 British barrister Baroness Margaret Thatcher, was born above her father’s grocer's shop, in Lincolnshire.

1928 Dublin’s Peacock Theatre produces its first play, Ibsen’s “Peer Gynt".

1940 Princess Elizabeth makes her first radio broadcast to children evacuees, at the aged of 14.

1940 Irish rugby player and coach Mick Doyle, is born in Castleisland, Co. Kerry.

1952 Canadian Department of National Defence allows 16-year olds to enlist in the Army.

1958 British children’s author Michael Bond and illustrator Peggy Fortnum, publish the first Paddington Bear book.

1964 Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip's visit to Canada; was spoiled by protesting Quebec separatists.

1963 Britain's new word “Beatlemania" starts after The Beatles appeared on Sunday Night at The London Palladium.

1969 England’s national Bank officially prints its last ten-shilling note.

1970 Canada opens diplomatic relations with People's Republic of China, and ends official ties with Taiwan.

1971 British Army destroys border crossing roads in Northern Ireland, to crack down on IRA gun-running.

1984 Canada's first man in space Marc Grana, on board Space Shuttle Challenger, touches down in Florida.

1988 British, former secret service agent Peter Wright's, book Spy catcher, and is published despite protests.

1988 Queen Elizabeth sued The Sun newspaper after it printed a private photograph, without her permission.

1992 Britain to close over one third of its coal mines, causing over 31,000 miners to lose their jobs.

1996 British racing driver Damon Hill, win's the Japanese Grand Prix for his first World Championship.

1998 Irish farmers, furious over cattle prices, hold overnight sit-in protest at Dublin’s Department of Agriculture.

2016 Queen Elizabeth II is the world's longest-reigning monarch after the death of Thai King Bhumibol Adulyadej.

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