1812 Britain takes Fort Michilimackinac from the USA.

  924 Anglo-Saxon king Edward the Elder, destroyer of the power of the Vikings in southern England dies.

1453 England is defeated by the French at the Battle of Castillon, ending the 100 Years' War and claim to the French Crown.

1585 English secret service discovers Anthony Babington’s plot to murder Queen Elizabeth I.

1603 Scotland's claimant to the English throne Arabella Stuart, supporter Sir Walter Raleigh is arrested and put in the Tower.

1648 Canada holds the 1st temperance gathering in North America in a settlement for the Christianized Indians of Loretteville.

1652 Scotland's great Fire of Glasgow rages for 18 hours, destroying nearly one-third of the city and making 4000 homeless.

1695 Scotland's National Bank was established under an Act of the Scottish Parliament. Thanks to Englishman, John Holland.

1717 George I barge sails down the River Thames, with Handel's Water Music being played for the first time by 50 musicians.

1776 Britain's peace offer is turned down by colonial rebels because George Washington was not addressed as General!  

1790 London cabinet maker Thomas Saint, who is credited with inventing the first sewing machine, patents his device.

1732 Scottish cabinetmaker John Broadwood, the founder of the piano manufacturer Broadwood & Sons, dies in London.

1812 British and Native American forces captured the island of Michilimackinac from the USA in the war of 1812.

1820 Scottish immigrant John Alexander Macdonald future Prime Minister of Canada, arrives with his family in the country.

1841 London's humorous magazine Punch was published for the first time today.

1858 London's Lloyd's Underwriting Room, hung ship's bell "ST. JEAN", its rung one stroke for bad news and two for good.

1879 Irish writer and Editor Séamus O'Sullivan (James Sullivan Starkey), was born in Dublin.

1917 King George V by royal proclamation changed his family name from the German Saxe-Coburg and Gotha to Windsor.

1923 British Cooper rear-engined chassis design race cars created by John Newton Cooper was born in Surbiton.

1945 Ireland's new Shannon Airport customs duty-free zone goes into operation.

1947 English wife of Charles Prince of Wales, the Duchess Camilla Parker Bowles, was born in London.

1951 Dublin's Abbey Theatre burns down. That evening’s play closed with the singing of, ‘Keep the Home Fires Burning.

1958 British troops were sent to Jordan to quell unrest amongst the natives.

1968 Canadians breathe a deep sigh of relief as 2,700 Ontario brewery workers end their three-week strike.

1970 Ireland's Youth Orchestra is formed by Olive Smith and 63 musicians aged 14-20 at Our Lady’s School, Wicklow.

1972 Canada's Rolling Stones concert equipment is blown up in Montreal, the bomber is never found; the show went on.

1974 England's Tower of London is bombed by persons unknown, killing one person and injuring 41.

1976 Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip attend a state dinner at the White House, the Queen dances with President Ford.

1976 Canada's opening of the Summer Olympics in Montreal is marred by 25 African teams boycotting New Zealand.

1981 Queen Elizabeth II opens the Humber Estuary Bridge, the world's longest single-span structure.

1987 Irish Guinness director Thomas Ward was ordered to repay £5.2m to the brewery over illegal practices during the takeover.

2000 Dublin’s Brewery Guinness, announces plans to lay off 200 workers as part of a major cost-cutting strategy.

2002 Irish Government's new birth figures show that one in three children in Ireland is born out of wedlock.

2009 British retailers will no longer be allowed to use dual prices and scales for loose goods and will only weigh in metrics.

2021 Britain requires US arrivals, to have Passenger Locator Form, and a 72-hour negative test taken, before arriving.

2022 Britain sends more equipment and weapons to Ukraine to help fight against the Russian Invasion.

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