2nd August New Message from British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

William the Conqueror's son, William II (Rufus the Red) is mistaken for a deer, and killed by an arrow in the New Forest!
Scotland’s High Admiral and privateer, Andrew Barton, was captured by the English in a sea-battle and beheaded.
English mercenary Thomas Stukley, who fought for France, Ireland and Morocco, was born in Affeton Castle, in Devon.
English explorer Henry Hudson thinking he was past the Northwest Passage to Pacific Ocean called it Hudson Bay.
Scotland’s 5th Laird of Glenlyon Robert Campbell, one of the Glencoe Massacre leaders, dies in poverty in Bruges.
London’s first specially-built Royal Mail coach began its scheduled service to and from Bristol.
Scottish fur trader James Strange, collects furs from Nootka Indians along Canada's BC coast and sells them in China.
English portrait painter Thomas Gainsborough (Blue boy), dies in London and is interred at St. Anne's Church, Kew.
Irish physicist John Tyndall, who discovered why the sky is blue, is born in Leighlin Bridge, Co. Carlow.
Britains government declares British Columbia and the Queen Charlotte Islands a separate Crown Colony.
English writer Lewis Carroll, author of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland is published, 21 first editions still survive.
London’s first roller-skating rink was opened to the public, in Belgravia.
Britain Parliament to raise more money, introduces Death duties, for the first time, now known as inheritance tax.
Scottish explorer of Kenya, Joseph Thomson, (Thomson's Gazelle and Thomson's Falls) dies in Dumfriesshire.
British besieged garrison in Malakand, Afghanistan, is relieved by 2nd Lt Winston Churchill, and soldiers from India.
Canada's first general strike in the country’s history takes place in Vancouver, British Columbia.
Scottish inventor Alexander Bell, who is credited with inventing the telephone, dies at home on Cape Breton Island.
Anglo/Egyptian broadcaster Alan Whicker, Best known for his TV show Whicker’s World, was born in Cairo, Egypt.
Irish Actor Peter Seamus Lorcan O'Toole, of Lawrence of Arabia fame, was born in Connemara, County Galway.
British South American Airways airliner crashes into the Andes Mountains, the wreckage is found 50 years later.
Canada's new Ottawa City Hall on Green Island at the mouth of the Rideau River, is opened by Princess Margaret.
British army used rubber bullets for the first time to quell a riot in Northern Ireland.
Canada's BC passenger ferry and Soviet freighter collide in the Active Pass separating Mayne and Galiano Island's.
British amusement center at Douglas, Isle of Man, catches fire caused by small boys smoking, killing 51, injured 80.
Irish air lines, Aer Lingus first all-female flight crew departs Dublin for Shannon, piloted by Capt. Grainne Cronin.
Britain and Argentina lift Trade restrictions for the first time since the 1982 Falklands war.
Canada greets the Viking replica ship 'Gaia', at Leif Eriksson's 1000-year-old Norse settlement site, Newfoundland.
Britain polled drivers over Speed cameras, 50% of them caught would back having more cameras in place.
Canada's Toronto Airport disaster, an Air France Flight on landing ran off the runway, and burst into flames.
English judge at Coventry court gives 30 years, to couple who starved and beat their 4yr old son to death.
Britain lockdowns select cities, 46,201 dead, America no lockdown, 158,051 dead.
England imposes 2 weeks isolation on returning tourists from Spain, due to new corona virus 19 outbreaks.
Britain and Europe still ban American travelers visiting, till the country controls the coronavirus 19 outbreak.
(Unless otherwise indicated, all illustrations are courtesy of Wikipedia).

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