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 Cooking Classes at Old Town Cooking School
Old Town Cooking School offers cooking classes for all skill levels.

Learn to cook something new,

Old Town Cooking School

2245 E Colorado Blvd # 265 Pasadena, CA 91107-3682

Tell: (626) 791-0358

The new UK Emergency Passport


From July 2009 the United Kingdom has started to introduce a new emergency passport. The new passports are digitally imaged, machine readable, and compliant with IAGO 9303.
They feature the latest thin film laminate technology. They will be issued for emergency purposes to UK citizens overseas in circumstances where their full validity passport is not available e.g. where it has been lost or stolen. They can also be issued to unrepresented EU or Commonwealth citizens with the permission of their national governments. This is an emergency travel document that will be valid for less than one year, does not contain a chip, and has a limited number of pages for visas. We expect the document to be widely used by mid-2010.  If we can't find you, we can't help you. Register with your local British  Consular in case there's an emergency.
It takes only a few minutes to register your overseas contact details and travel plans online. There is no need to contact us directly

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