Glasgow Rangers defeat Moscow Dynamos to win the UEFA Cup.

Scotland’s King David I died at Carlisle and Malcolm IV is crowned at Scone.

Ireland crowns Yorkist pretender Lambert Simnel (aged 10), in Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin as "King Edward VI"
London’s catholic clerics go on religious rampage, burning all kind of heretical books including Tyndale's Bible.
English Parliament passes the Act of Toleration protecting Protestants, Roman Catholics are intentionally excluded.
English cleric John Wesley’s experienced a religious conversion in Aldersgate, which caused the start of Methodism.
England’s Dartmoor Prison was built to accommodate French Napoleonic and American prisoners of war.
Canada's Hudson Bay Co sells Lord Selkirk 70 million acres to start Red and Assiniborne River Colony for 10 shillings!
British Sailors foraging for water are ambushed by American militia and Oneida Indians near Sackets Harbour, NY.
Irish Artist John Foley, sculptor of Dublin’s Daniel O'Connell and London's Prince Albert’s statues was born in Dublin.
Queen Victoria, whose ideas of duty and discipline influenced Britain for a century, was born at Kensington Palace.
English Quaker philanthropist, businessman, chocolatier and social reformer, Joseph Rowntree, was born in York.
Scottish National Party first president, Robert Cunningham Graham, son of a Scottish laird, was born in London.
London's New Westminster to Lambeth vehicle and pedestrian bridge over river Thames was opened.
Canadian unarmed railroad workers are attacked and massacred by Chilcotin Indians.
Welsh pit disaster in the Universal Colliery, Aber Valley, Caerphilly, kills 81 miners in the underground explosion.
Britain Starts Empire Day, “to promote the systematic training of children in all virtues of good citizens, now not PC.
Scottish golfer Old Tom Morris, the father of modern golf dies in St Andrews, Fife at 86 yrs.
Britains Royal Navy introduces merchant ship convoys for crossing the Atlantic Ocean, after losing 373 ships.
Canadian police arrest a Lethbridge evangelist after discovering his mobile church was a portable moonshine still.
Scottish actor and comedian Stanley Baxter, who was the first to impersonate the Queen on TV, was born in Glasgow.
Irish writer William Trevor (Cox), author of ‘The Story of Lucy Gault', was born in Mitchelstown, Co. Cork.
London's Victoria Palace's Black and White Minstrel's show, closed after completing 4,354 performance, not PC
Scotland's Glasgow Rangers football team defeat Dynamo Moscow, the first Scottish side to win the UEFA Cup.
Britain's News of the World, reveals Parliamentary Secretary Lord Lambton liaisons with prostitutes, so he resigns.
Britain and France's join venture the Concords makes its first commercial North Atlantic crossing to Washington D.C.
Britains Princess Margaret, divorce's her husband, Lord Snowdon, after 18 years of marriage.
London's High Court awards Yorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe's wife, £600,000 in damages against paper Privet Eye.
Irish nationals are according to a report published today, 1 in 10 of the homeless people living on London's streets.
Canadian Red Cross pleads guilty to using tainted blood, causing thousands to contract HIV and hepatitis.
Canadian commander in Kandahar, Gen Daniel Menard is relieved of command, for having affair with a junior officer.
British PM David Cameron and President Obama, play ping pong with students at London’s Globe Academy.
Queen Elizabeth II and U.S. President Obama give a toast during State Banquet in Buckingham Palace, London.
Britains PM Theresa May says that she would stand down as Conservative leader, over her failure to deliver Brexit.
Britain on its 63 day of official lockdown, 36,911 dead, USA not on official national lockdown 1,664,614 dead & rising.
(Unless otherwise indicated, all illustrations are courtesy of Wikipedia)

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