Happy Valentine Day.
Queen Margaret of France consort of England's King Edward I, dies in Marlborough Castle, Wiltshire.
Richard II dies most likely from starvation in Pontefract Castle, West Yorkshire on the orders of Henry Bolingbroke.
England's oldest Valentine's Day message "Be my olde Valentine" was from Margery Brews to John Paston in Norfolk
Scotland’s Mary Queen of Scots first met her future husband Lord Darnley, but he was not the man she had hoped for.
Irish physician Valentine Greatrakes or Greatorex known as the 'touch doctor' was born in Co. Waterford.
English mathematician John Hadley inventor of the octant a precursor to the sextant dies in Hertfordshire.
British Red Coat's and their Hessen allied forces were unopposed when they took Fort Michilimackinac, Michigan.
British Loyalist militia on their way to Augusta are ambushed by colonial rebels at Battle of Kettle Creek, Georgia.
English explorer Capt. James Cook is killed by a spear thrown by a Native near Kealakekua on the Island of Hawaii.
Irish pianist, composer and teacher John Field gives his first public performance at the Rotunda in Dublin
British Fleet under Admiral John Jervis and Captain Horatio Nelson defeat The Spanish fleet off Cape St. Vincent.
London’s children’s hospital in Great Ormond Street opens, funded by the rights to J. M. Barrie's Stories of Pete Pan.
Scottish geologist-explorer Joseph Thomson, an important player in the "Scramble for Africa", was born near Thornhill
Scottish inventor, scientist, and teacher of the deaf Alexander Graham Bell patented (174461) the telephone.
Irish cultural enthusiast Daniel Corkery, writer and critic was born in Cork.
Welsh artist Nina Hamnett, known as the Queen of Bohemia an expert on sailors' chanteys was born in Tenby.
Britain sends 20,000 troops to invade the Orange Free State during the Second Boer War in South Africa.
Canadian Orphanage of the Gray Nuns in Montreal catches fire and kills 64 children trapped inside.
Scottish Doctor Alexander Fleming discovers Penicillin after leaving a plate of staphylococcus bacteria uncovered.
Britain's Prime Minister Clement Atlee nationalizer’s The Bank of England.
Canada's asbestos miners Labour dispute begins, marking the beginning of the Quiet Revolution in Quebec.


Australia introduces its first decimal currency postage stamps.
English novelist P.G Wodehouse, creator of the incompetent Bertie Wooster and butler Jeeves, dies in Southampton.
Dublin’s Stardust Ballroom in Artane goes up in flames; 48 young people are killed and more than 100 are injured
English singer Sir Elton John marries Renate Blauel in Sydney Australia.
Irish soldiers are killed in a tragic road accident in South Lebanon, while on a peace keeping mission for the UN.
Irish Departments of Agriculture, advised pregnant women to avoid contact with sheep at lambing time.
Britain's first cloned mammal, Dolly the sheep was put down after being diagnosed as not being very well.
Irish striking National Bus and Rail Workers in Cork, cause disruption for hundreds of train and coach passengers.
British M.P's vote to ban smoking from all pubs and clubs in England, it will take effect in summer 2007.
Britains banking system introduces Chip and PIN numbers to its credit debit cards.
English help clean Devon beach of 1000's of cigarettes from a container lost overboard in Bay of Biscay storm.
(Unless otherwise indicated, all illustrations are courtesy of Wikipedia)

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