Britains first post box.
English leader Sir Thomas Wyatt, of failed "Wyatt's rebellion" over Queen Mary marrying Philip of Spain, is beheaded.
William & Mary, Prince of Orange champion of Protestants, are crowned sovereigns of England, Scotland, and Ireland.
Irish MP Richard Levinge interned in the Tower of London for speaking ill of his fellow Commissioners, is released.
Scottish settlement "Caledonia" on the Isthmus of Panama on the Gulf of Dariénis abandoned.
Britain by the Treaty of Utrecht receives jurisdiction over Gibraltar and Newfoundland from France.
English paleontologist James Parkinson, who describes paralysis agitans or "Parkinson's disease", was born in London.
English Capt. Lord Cochrane led the British fire ship's attack into Basque Roads and destroyed French ships at anchor.
Britain at the Treaty of Fontainebleau banished Napoleon Bonaparte to the Mediterranean island of Elba.
Scottish Highlanders arrives at Red River Manitoba, Canada, bringing the number of settlers there to 270.
Scottish novelist John Galt, a friend of Lord Byron who wrote the first biography of the tragic poet, died in Greenock.
Britain's postal service starts to use mail collection pillar boxes in London, they were painted green.
England's Lord Muncaster and fellow tourists while visiting Marathon, are kidnapped by Greek brigands, for ransom.,
Scottish crofters in Skye at the Battle of the Braes fought 50 policemen during a dispute over land rights.
Scotland banned steel-tipped darts in Glasgow's public houses because it was considered 'too dangerous'.
Scottish nationalists take Scotland’s Stone of Scone from Westminster Abbey to Arbroath Abbey in Angus.
Queen Elizabeth II announced that her children and descendants would bear the surname of Windsor.
British government allows the island colony of Singapore to govern itself under a new constitution agreed in London.
England's football captain Billy Wright became the first player in the world to play for his country in a hundred matches.
Welsh songwriter Cerys Elizabeth Matthews lead singer of the Welsh rock band Catatonia was born in Cardiff.
British Government introduced a tar content table to be printed on cigarette packets.
Scottish chairwoman Georgina MacKinnon, of the MacKinnon liqueur Drambuie, dies in Linlithgow, West Lothian.
London's experiences a massive riot in Brixton results in almost 300 police injured and 65 civilians seriously injured.
Britain imposed a 200-mile Naval Blockade around Falkland Isles warning Argentina Ships would be sunk as Hostiles.
British film Gandhi directed by Sir Richard Attenborough won eight Oscars; the most any British film has ever won.
Irish writer Brian Keenan author of "An Evil Cradling" story of his 4 half years in captivity, is taken hostage in Beirut.
British soccer clubs are readmitted to the European Cup after being band over the behavior of British soccer hooligans.
British Customs officers in Middleborough seize the barrel (130 feet long) of a "Supergun" on a ship bound for Iraq.
Irish newspaper known as The Examiner is re-launched as The Irish Examiner.
Dublin gives the former president of S Africa Nelson Mandela a hero's welcome, the first African leader to be so honored.
Welsh entertainer Harry Secombe, a comedian with a fine tenor singing voice dies in Guildford, Surrey, (aged79).
Britain lifting Covert 19 restrictions on some sports events, 39m people 1st shot, 6.99 second, 10% Both.
Britain still bans American travelers, who now have 561,334 dead, and still a vaccine shortage in some places.
(Unless otherwise indicated, all illustrations are courtesy of Wikipedia)

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