1770 British Red Coats attacked by New York citizens. .

1419 England’s Henry V, after a long siege re-takes Normandy town of Rouen, the surviving French were cruelly punished.

1544 Scotland's Queen Mary's future husband, French King Francis II, was born in Château de Fontainebleau, near Paris.

1547 Henry VIII, consumed by paranoia, has poet Henry Howard Earl of Surrey, beheaded for treason at the Tower.

1644 Scottish army under the Earl of Leven crossed the river Tweed into England, it played an important part in the Civil War.

1649 Canada's 1st executioner, a pardoned criminal start works by hanging a 16yr old girl found guilty of theft in Quebec

1661 London cooper Thomas Venner, failed to overthrow Oliver Cromwell, so was hanged, drawn and quartered in London.

1770 British Red coats posting handbills are attacked by New York citizens; this clash is now called the Battle of Golden Hill.

1736 Scottish engineer James Watt, a steam engine inventor who gave his name to a unit of power, was born in Greenock.

1746 Scotland’s Bonnie Prince Charlie's army of Jacobite Highlanders, captured the town of Sterling but not the Castle.

1757 Scottish classical scholar Thomas Ruddiman, Caledonian Mercury owner, was buried at Greyfriars Kirkyard, Edinburgh.

1764 Britain expels John Wilkes for his libelous and seditious writing; his name became a byword for colonial oppressed.

1788 British convict ship Alexander, arrived in Botany Bay, also with 7 horses, 29 sheep, 74 swine, 6 rabbits and 7 cattle.

1787 Dublin’s Irish Sisters of Charity and St. Vincent’s hospital founder Mary Aikenhead, was born in Cork.

1806 British forces invaded and reoccupy the Dutch held Cape colony on the tip of South Africa at the Cape of Good Hope.

1812 Irish Duke of Wellington's British and Portuguese forces, storm Ciudad Rodrigo, Spain after a 10-day siege.

1839 British East India Co, capture Aden the seaport city in Yemen, located at the eastern approach to the Red Sea.

1885 British relief expedition sent to help Gordon, defeat Mahdi’s Dervish forces at the Battle of Abu Klea, in Sudan desert.

1915 England was bombed for the 1st time from the air, when German Zeppelins attacked Great Yarmouth and King's Lynn.

1917 English ammunition factory in Silvertown, Essex's, explodes killing 73 and injuring 400 people.

1927 Britain sent troops to China’s main ports, in order to stop a civil war from threatening their valuable trade contracts.

1931 Canadian journalist Robert MacNeil, TV "The MacNeil/Lehrer Report" with Jim Lehrer, was born in Montreal.

1937 English ballet dancer Margot Fonteyn made her debut in 'Giselle' at Sadler's Wells in London at the tender age of 18.

1941 British troops defeat Italian forces and occupy Kassala in the eastern Sudan during the East African Campaign.

1941 Irish author James Joyce, whose book Ulysses caused outrage over its sexual frankness dies after surgery in Zurich.  

1971 English Band the Beatles from Liverpool have thier song, "Helter Skelter" played at murder trial of Charles Manson.

1973 Britain sends ocean going tug The Statesman, to protect British trawlers from Icelandic patrol boats in cod fishing war.

1983 Irish Justice Minister, Michael Noonan, reveals that the government was involved in phone tapping Journalists.

1990 English cricketers who had defied a ban on playing in segregated South Africa, caused riots in Johannesburg.

1993 British-American rock band, Fleetwood Mac reunites to perform at U.S. President Bill Clinton's first inaugural gala.

2003 Irish disgraced celebrity chef Tim Allen moves his business, thus cutting all ties with the Ballymaloe Cookery School.

2007 Canadian singer and songwriter, Denny Doherty, (The Mamas & the Papas and The Halifax III) die in Ontario.

2011 Britains House of Commons deputy speaker request law makers not to Twitter while sitting in the chamber.

2013 Wales is on red alert as weather conditions worsen, 12 inches of snow are expected with 30mph freezing winds.

2014 Britains BBC TV first Sports Personality of the Year in 1954, the athlete Sir Chris Chataway, dies at the age of 82.

0000 (Unless otherwise indicated, all illustrations are courtesy of Wikipedia)

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