RMS Titanic strikes an Iceberg.
Edward I hang draws and quartered rebel Bartholomew de Badlesmere for refusing to let his Queen into his castle.

Edward IV Yorkist forces defeat Henry VI's Lancastrian troops at the Battle of Barnet, making him the new King.
Henry VIII in an attempt to limit Parliaments corrupt legislation and damage to his reign dissolves it.
Mary Queen of Scots consort and 3rd husband James Hepburn, Earl of Bothwell, died in Dragsholm Castle, Denmark
Scotland's University of Edinburgh is founded making it the sixth oldest university in the English-speaking world.
Welsh Admiral Thomas Button, sails Henry Hudson's old ship the Discovery into Hudson Bay to search of his remains.
Irish archaeologist Thomas Molyneux, who declared the Giant's Causeway a natural phenomenon, was born in Dublin.
Scotland's Reverent Adam Gib, who preacher against Bonnie Prince Charlie's rebellion, was born in Perthshire.
Scotland's "Porteous Riots” irrupts in Edinburgh when a popular smuggler is hung by Capt. Porteous’s City Guard
British Gov of Massachusetts, secretly ordered troops to enforce the Coercive Acts and suppress rebel colonists.
British Colony of Barbados puts down a slave rebellion led by Bussa who is killed in the melee, now a national hero.
Ireland’s tricolor national flag is flown for the first time at meeting of the Young Ireland Party in Dublin.
Irish Fenian Brotherhood invade a Canadian Indian Island near Campobello, US military disarm and remove invaders.
Canadian Parliament passes the currency Act which creates currency denominations of dollars, cents and mills.
Britain's liner The Titanic struck an iceberg and started to sink, causing 1503 people to drowned or freeze to death.
Canadian wireless radio operators Robert Hunston and James Goodwin, hear 1st distress call from RMS Titanic.
Irish civil war starts when Rory O'Connor seized Dublin Four Courts and provisional government attacks the garrison.
Britain’s Ministry of Transport issues guidelines and rules for drivers in its first edition of the Highway Code.
British policeman Trevor Locke, who tackled London Iranian Embassy terrorist, thus saving SAS leaders life, is born.
Anglo/Indian actress Julie Christie a 1960's pop icon of "swinging London", was born in Chabua, Assam, India.
Canadian cargo ship Fort Stikine explodes in Bombay, India, killing 1,300 people and injuring another 3,000
Britain’s new boys Comic "The Eagle” features an action hero called Dan Dare, a space ship pilot in its first issue.
Scottish film and television actor Robert Carlyle OBE, ‘‘The Full Monty" was born in Maryhill, Glasgow.
Irish radio host Terry Wogan launches his first British radio show.
Canada's Ontario's Court of Appeals rules that divorced women can sue their former husbands for damages.
British Telecom starts to sell the first cordless telephones.
Irish poet Brian Coffey, author of "Advent" a canonistic work of modernism, dies in Southampton, England.
Australia's most costly natural disaster occurs, when Sydney is hit by a hailstorm causing $2.3 billion in damages.
Dublin in an international survey is rated as one of the safer cities in the world to live in.
Canadian PM Paul Martin announces extension to deployment of current soldiers in Afghanistan until summer 2005.
Irish Jockey Daryl Jacob wins Entree’s 173 Grand National steeplechase on Neptune Collonges in a photo finish
London Symphony Orchestra longest serving principal conductor Sir Colin Davis, dies after a short illness at aged 85
Britain investigates an alleged plot by conservative Muslims to force out head teachers from 25 Birmingham schools.
(Unless otherwise indicated, all illustrations are courtesy of Wikipedia)

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