1568 Mary Queen of Scots escapes from Loch Leven Castle.
King Richard I of England, Duke of Normandy, and Count of Anjou. Gives Portsmouth its first Royal Charter.
Scotland’s Edward Bruce, the brother of King Robert the Bruce, is crowned High King of Ireland.
English port of Bristol watches John Cabot set sail to follow Columbus route to Asia but discovers Canada instead!
Henry VIII, 2nd Wife Anne Boleyn is imprisoned in the Tower on charges of adultery, incest, treason, and witchcraft.
Scottish clergyman John Knox, a Protestant denomination reformation leader returns after a period of exile in Geneva.
Mary Queen of Scots escapes from Loch Leven Castle in Scotland and sails to the safety of the French court.
English explorer George Weymouth departs from Ratcliffe, on Discovery looking for a northwest passage to China.
James I grants London and Bristol Company a hunting and fishing monopoly on Newfoundland’s the Avalon Peninsula.
King James I sponsored version of the Bible in English is published and becomes the standard English language Bible.
King Charles II grants his cousin and a group of investors a permanent charter to the North American fur trade.
British Army officer John André who helped Benedict Arnold, and who colonial rebels hung as a spy, was born in London
Scottish writer John Galt, a friend of Lord Byron and who wrote the first biography of the tragic poet, was born in Irvine.
British Capt. Horatio Nelson seized the American schooner "Amity" for the trading of St Kitts in the British Caribbean.
Britain's Royal Navy mutiny over bad pay and poor conditions in Spithead spread to the rest of the fleet.
Irish-Greek writer Edith Oenone Somerville, author of "The Experiences of an Irish R. M," was born in Corfu, Greece.
Canadian Gov Gen John Campbell founder of the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts, died on the Isle of Wight
Ireland's sixth president, Dr. Patrick John "Paddy” Hillery is born in Spanish Point, County Clare.
Anglo/Indian Popstar Engelbert Humperdinck (Arnold George Dorsey), was born in Madras, Indian.
Irelands Taoiseach Eamon de Valera sends condolences to Dublin's German Ambassador, on Adolf Hitler's death.
England's De Havilland's Comet, the world's first jet airliner makes its maiden flight from London to Johannesburg.
Scotland's first nuclear power station opened at Chapelcross.
Canada officially peg’s its currency to the US $ at 92.5 cents.
England's first woman MP to sit In the House of Commons, Nancy Astor, died in Grimsthorpe Castle, Lincolnshire.
British ocean liner Queen Elizabeth 2 departs on her maiden voyage to New York City.
British nuclear submarine HMS Conqueror sinks Argentine cruiser ARA General Belgrano, during the Falklands War.
Irish Government affirms its neutrality in the Falklands conflict, and opposes EEC sanctions against Argentina!
Prince Charles and Princess Diana officially open the Vancouver World Exposition, with over 54 countries participated.
Irish box office tickets for the Rolling Stone concert in Dublin, sell over16, 000 in the first two minutes of sales
British Company discovers high-quality crude Oil at the proposed Falkland Islands Sea Lion site.
English media publicist' Max Clifford, is sentenced today for indecent assault on women over the last 20 years.
England’s Duchess of Cambridge gave birth to her 2nd child (Charlotte Elizabeth Diana), fourth in line to the throne.
Britain intrudes Covert19 ID card to allow entrance to sports and music events, as 15 million people now inoculated.
Britain still bans American travelers, who now have 576,702 dead, now people are starting to refuse the vaccine.
English football team Manchester United fans, delay the game and invade pitch in protest against the owner.
(Unless otherwise indicated, all illustrations are courtesy of Wikipedia)

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