150 British forces defended Rorke’s Drift, against 4,000 Zulus.
England’s parliament makes the Common Book of Prayers 2nd version, mandatory for all churches.

Scottish regent for the infant King James VI is assassinated by a firearm; this is the first recorded gunshot killing.
Queen Elizabeth, I open The Royal Exchange, founded by Sir Thomas Gresham, as a meeting house for Bankers.
English explorer and navigator, William Baffin, who discovered Baffin Bay, dies of gunshot wounds in Ormus, Iran.
England’s Cromwellian roundheads led by their commander-in-chief, Sir Thomas Fairfax, take the city of Leeds.
Scottish Presbyterians sell captured Charles I to English parliament; he is convicted and executed for high treason.
Britain, by The Treaty of Utrecht at the end of the War of Spanish Succession, takes control of Gibraltar and Minorca.
Irelands former MP for Carrick, Dudley Cosby, after failing to shoot himself, commits suicide by taking Danish poison.
London merchants petitioned Parliament for financial hardship relief, caused by stopped trade with American colonies.
Irelands founder of the world-renowned Guinness brewery in Dublin, Arthur Guinness, dies in London.
British navigator James Weddell conducted the first deep ocean-sounding recorded depth of up to 2200 fathoms.
English-born Elizabeth Blackwell, become the first woman doctor to graduate from a New York medical school.
English historian and novelist, the reverent Charles Kingsley, author of "The Water Babies", died in Devon.
Welsh regiment and colonial forces, defending Rorke’s drift against 4,000 Zulus warriors, receive 11 Victoria crosses.
Irish trade unionist and Labour politician, William O'Brien, is born near Clonakilty, County, Cork.
Canadian spymaster, William Stephenson, senior representative of British intelligence in WW. II was born in Winnipeg.
Irish nationalist electoral organization, called The United Irish League, is founded by William O'Brien in Dublin.
British troops during the Second Boer War are defeated at the Battle of Spion Kop by Orange Free State Boer forces.
Britain's liner RMS Republic is the first ship to use the CQD distress signal after colliding with SS Florida, in USA waters.
Canada's only German prisoner of war to escape back to Germany, Franz von Werra, dies the following year in action.
England's express train from York to Bristol is derailed at Sutton Coalfield station, killing 14 and injuring dozens more.
British spy Kim Philby, ex-MI5 high-ranking intelligence officer, fails to meet his wife in Beirut, and defects to USSR.
English rock and roll band Cream releases their last album "Goodbye".
Irish media personality, Brendan O'Connor, presenter of The Saturday Night Show on RTÉ, was born in Cork.
Canada’s Soviet consulate in Montreal is firebombed by Terrorists, but they cause only minor damage to the building.
Britain's House of Lords debates are televised for the first time.
Britain now requires fuel prices to be displayed by the liter only, not by the gallon.
Irish gather on the streets in West Belfast in memory of Tom Williams, who was hanged for the murder of an RUC man.
Irish airport charges are among the cheapest in the world, the latest independent study of the sector has found
Irish and British governments agreed to plans for an all-out push to restore the North’s power-sharing Executive.
Canadian agricultural officials in Alberta confirm that a cow had tested positive for mad cow disease.
English Staff and pupils in secondary schools and colleges will not be required to wear a face-covering in classrooms.
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