1781 Colonial Rebels defeat British at Battle of Cowpens.


English Roundhead General Thomas Fairfax, commander-in-chief during the English Civil War, was born in Yorkshire.
Scotland entered into an arrangement with King Charles I, which upset Parliament and starting the English Civil War.
Scotland’s Bonnie Prince Charlie, and his Jacobite rebels defeat the English at the battle of Falkirk Muir.
Captain James Cook and the crew of HMS Resolution, become the first Europeans to sail across the Antarctic Circle.
Ireland’s most precocious and most erratic genius, Thomas Dermody, was born in Ennis county Clare.
Scottish Curling Society in Duddingston is established, becoming one of the oldest curling clubs in existence.
British Redcoats and Loyalists forces are routed at the Battle of Cowpens, South Carolina, by colonial rebel militia.
English poet and novelist Anne Brontë, daughter of a poor Irish clergyman was born in Haworth parsonage, Yorkshire.
Britain appoints a new Commander-in-Chief to the British Army, Irish politician Arthur Wellesley, Duke of Wellington.
Britain recognizes the independent Boars colony of the Transvaal in the South African Republic.
Irish journalist Joseph Haydn, author of Dictionary of Dates, die's in Crawley Street, Oakley Square, London.
Irish dancer Eliza Rosanna Gilbert, "Spanish dancer “and mistress of King Ludwig I of Bavaria, dies in New York.
English P.M David Lloyd George, who introduced old-age pensions, is born in Chorlton-on-Medlock, near Manchester
British forces defeat a Dervish army led by Muhammad Ahmad bin Abd Allah at the Battle of Abu Klea in the Sudan.
Canadians in Montreal protests and hold a mass meeting over the forced return of escaped slaves to America.
London plumber, Mr. Thomas Crapper (His real name) patents Flush toilets and receives a royal warrant.
Irish musician, George Petrie, who preserved many of Ireland’s irreplaceable harp tunes, dies.in Dublin.
British Engineer H J Lawson, buys dormant German motorcar Co Daimler, and starts manufacturing Cars in Coventry.
English explorer Robert Falcon Scott reached the South Pole, but Norwegian Roald Amundsen beats him by a month.
English "a rock star" hairdresser, Vidal Sassoon, creator of simple geometric hair styles, was born in London.
Canadian province of Newfoundland asks Britain's Royal Commission to solve its financial difficulties.
British prisoners of war (1500) in Auschwitz concentration camp are evacuation by Nazis as Soviet forces closed in.
Canada's Royal Navy commissions its first and only aircraft carrier, HMCS Bonaventure.
Canada return Polish national treasures stored in Canadian vaults for safekeeping during World War II, to Warsaw.
Britains BBC TV comedy show Steptoe and Son was the most popular ever, (copied by America as Sanford and Son).
Irelands Campaign for Social Justice (CSJ), the forerunner of the civil rights movement is formed.
British Leyland was formed; from British Motor Holdings Ltd, merging with the Leyland Motor Corp. Ltd.
British and other foreign nationals are evacuated from Aden during their civil war, by the Royal yacht Britannia.
British, American, French and Saudi aircraft bomb military targets in Iraq, including an oil refinery and Baghdad airport.
Irish student nurses protest in Galway’s streets, over Government plans to charge them to finish their nursing courses.
British Airways Flight 38 crash lands just short of Heathrow Airport, no fatalities but Boeing 777 is a complete loss.
Scottish Oil workers in the Sahara, held hostage by Muslim terrorists, are freed by Algerian Military rescue team.
Britain has 89,261 deaths to-date, but has mass inoculated 3-half million people at 140 jabs per minute.
Britain still ban American travelers, now 396,353 dead, 23,022 this week still no organized inoculation working centers.

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