1697 Saint Pauls's first Sunday service after the Great Fire.

Scotland's King William, gave England's Richard the Lionheart 10,000 silver marks to terminate The Treaty of Falaise

Scotland's Mary Queen of Scots husband, French king Francis II, died of an ear infection at the Hôtel Groslot, Orléans.
Irelands Bishop of Waterford and Lismore John Atherton is executed on a charge of immorality.
London's new St Paul's Cathedral built by Sir Christopher Wren after the great fire holds its first Sunday service.
England's famous auction house of James Christie holds its first sale, it is now held on King Street in St. James's.
British troops were deceived by colonial rebel forces, who set extra campfires, to give elision of larger numbers.
English poet Christina Georgina Rossetti, who wrote the Christmas carol, "In the Bleak Midwinter", is born in London.
Britain’s post office changes from charging by distance to charging by weight for mail delivery.
Irelands Assembly College (now Union Theological College) for the training of Presbyterian clergy opens in Belfast.
Britain’s Football Association publishes its first book of rules for the game.
Canada's Dixon Carriage Works in Toronto built the first electric car, for patent lawyer Frederick Fetherstonhaugh.
English Sugar merchant, Sir Henry Tate, founder of London's Tate Gallery, died at his home in London.
English town of Poldhu in Cornwall receives Guglielmo Marconi's first readable wireless radio signals from Canada.
London’s Charing Cross Railway Station roof collapsed, killing five people.
British Government bans the selling of any kind of weapons to Ireland.
Canadian Police Chief Ritchie, says he cannot stop the Ku Klux Klan from recruiting in Calgary if no laws are broken.
Britain declares war on Finland, Hungary, and Romania.
English founder Oscar Deutsch, of the Odeon Cinemas chain known for their art deco architecture, died in London.
London's heavily polluted air and a very cold fog caused thousands to die in the next couple of months.
Britain's most outstanding barrister of the post-war period, Rose Heilbron QC, is appointed its first woman judge.
Queen Elizabeth II inaugurates Subscriber Trunk Dialing, by talking to the Lord Provost in Edinburgh from Bristol.
Britain's first reprehensive to the Olympic ski jump, Eddie "the Eagle" Edwards, was born in Cheltenham.
Scottish engineer, Sir Robert Watson-Watt, considered by many to be the "inventor of radar", dies in Inverness.
British Government imposes 50mph speed limit on all roads, to save fuel during the petrol shortage.
Ireland's new bridge over the Boyne at Drogheda is a rallying place for people from north and south looking for peace.
British tycoon, Robert Maxwell's sudden death, and £1bn debt puts Mirror Group Newspapers at Risk of Bankruptcy
Ireland's IRA Army Council and 60 Provisionals meet at a secret border location to debate arms decommissioning.
Britain’s consumer magazine which, blind taste’s 35 champagnes & sparkling wines, Tesco's Premier Cru Brut is No1.
Britain’s Civil Partnership Act grants same-sex partnerships the rights and responsibilities of a civil marriage.
Scotland's new legal drinking-driving limit of 50mg in every 100ml of blood, is the lowest in Great Britain by 30mg's.
England makes it mandatory to wear face masks just in time for Christmas shopping.
England is invaded this year by over 25,000 illegal emigrants from France in small boats, many drowned on the route.
Scotland lowered the legal drink-drive limit from 80mg to 50mg in every 100ml of blood.
England requires all people over 12 years to take a PCR or LFD COVID-19 test 2 days before entering the country.
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