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31st December 8:00 pm

 New Year's Eve on the Queen Mary

While the world will countdown to 2022, the world-famous Queen Mary will celebrate decades of decadence with our New Year’s Eve: Past and Present party. The ship’s decks and ballrooms will be brought to life with live music on multiple stages, dancing, themed experiences, and immersive entertainment, with a nod to Art Deco and the over-the-top Roaring Twenties. Ring in the New Year by stepping into our world of fantasy and liberation, and enjoy a night of incredible live music and performances from our wild cast of characters, on the stern of the ship. You also won’t want to miss the hidden speakeasy and VIP experiences that only the Queen Mary’s New Year’s Eve can offer. This party sells out every year and will start promptly at 8 pm, with one of SoCal’s most dazzling fireworks displays lighting up the sky directly overhead at midnight.
Queen Mary 1126 Queens HighwayLong Beach, CA 90802877-600-4313

15th March 11:00 am

Annual Canoga Park St Patrick's Day Celebration.

Community March, Live Irish Music & Comedy featuring True Thomas, Owen Dara, and many more,
Vendors, Free Food, Door Prizes, and much more! Great Family Fun for All Ages
A FREE Event presented by the Canoga Park Improvement Association!
Gathering forms at the Madrid Theatre with stages set up at the Farmer's Market!


 No Samaritan

The poem's of Sean Gunning

London born and raised during the 60s, 70s, and 80s by Irish-Catholic parents Sean Gunning's 48 poems about love, war (not pro-war, not anti-war), loss and longing, remembrance and letting go, gratitude, homelessness, human frailty, the paradoxes of urban life, the struggle to be true, the creative process, and humor and laughter. You could say that in one way or another they're all love poems--in all their glory and brokenness. For only $10 (includes shipping & handling). you could read this collection of Poems. Order here:
Almost all sale proceeds will directly fund Tebot Bach's mission, including poetry workshops with the homeless, battered, and war-ravaged. Tebot Bach is a non-profit corporation, so all purchases are a tax deduction

The Walford Gazette

The EastEnders Fan Newspaper


From the East Coast to the West a must-read for loyal fans, check out this website:

For more


Brian Boylan’s Artwork
Brian Boylan worked in animation for years in Dublin, London, Sydney, and now in Los Angeles where he has set up home.

Even though he may have left Ireland, he hasn't left the Emerald Isle's swirling mists and legends far behind, with his unique style of painting he has captured all the Celtic Color of his Mythical Homeland. This is a great show and well worth a visit.

His artwork will be on display At the Animation Guild Gallery. 1105 N Hollywood Way, Burbank, CA 91505
Directions: 818-845-7500.


Every TUESDAY night - 7:30pm to 9:30pm


Michael Patrick Breen

Irish Dancer / Instructor / Choreographer  teaching Irish Set Dancing (Traditional Irish Country Dancing)

Los Angeles (Los Feliz / Hollywood area) Visit a class.

Bring a friend To register for a class or a workshop,

email Michael Breen at

or call 818.504.2210

Visit his Irish Dance website:

Teachers and Students Alike

Check out this web site for a new way to enjoy the classics


Looking For an English Screen Play

Mad Mike and the Chindits’  (working title only) Feature Action/Drama Historic
This feature 90-page screenplay needs a production outfit.

Logline: This brilliant hard-fighting WW2 Brigadier is hated by his superior officers. It’s the conventional soldiers’ dislike of the unconventional. This soldier is court-martialed on trumped-up charges and dismissed. Synopsis: Dubbed 'Mad Mike, because he laughed loudly in moments of danger. This fearless, heavy drinking, hard fighting idealist-the acknowledged expert on guerrilla warfare is recommended for the V.C. Astonishingly it’s quashed at senior level. This daring soldier and his strong association with SAS beginnings of which he was Commanding Office; is ill-prepared for a battle he never saw coming. Why in 1952 is Calvert set-up, court-martialled on trumped-up charges dismissed from the Army without pension or benefits. As friends turn away, he falls from favor into obscurity and starts drinking. Eventually defeating the bottle, he pens a classic, ‘Prisoners of Hope,’ lectures on guerrilla warfare, and secures a post at Manchester University. The most decorated soldier in the British Army sold all his medals for 18,000 pounds and drank most of it away. He died in an East End London hospital aged 84 in 1998. Montgomery said of him, ‘He’s the only officer who gave me a straight answer.” I now know who had the power to frame this man.
For details on obtaining this screenplay contact Ron Shears:

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