1777 British Surrender to Colonial Rebels at Saratoga.

1346 Scotland’s King David II is captured by Edward III, at Battle of Neville's Cross, sent to Tower of London for 11yrs.

1651 Charles II army is defeated by Oliver Cromwell's roundheads at Worcester, so is forced to flee to France.

1662 Charles II sells the port and town of Dunkirk near the Belgian border to France for 40,000 pounds.

1671 Canadian furs from the Hudson Bay C/o are auctioned for the first time at Garroway's Coffee House, in London.

1690 English Capt. William Phips arrives at Quebec with 37 ships and asks the French to surrender, they refuse.

1710 British royalist forces led by Col. Francis Nicholson, take the French settlement of Port Royal to rename it Annapolis.

1727 English political agitator John Wilkes, the advocator for freedom of the press, was born in Clerkenwell in London.

1738 Irish MP's Arthur Rochfort and Dillon Pollard Hampson, fight a duel at Mullingar, neither die and honor is satisfied.

1754 English explorer Anthony Henday, from the Isle of White, is the first European to see the Rocky Mountains.

1777 British Redcoats and Hessen forces led by Gen. John Burgoyne, surrender Saratoga, New York to colonial rebels.

1800 Britain takes control of the Dutch colony on the southern Caribbean Island of Curaçao, off the Venezuelan coast.

1803 Irish Nationalist Member of Parliament, William Smith O'Brien, an advocate of the Irish language was born in, Co. Clare

1814 London's Meux Brewery beer vat ruptures, spilling 323,000 imperial gallons into the street drowning 8 passersby.

1850 Scotland's James "Paraffin" Young, whose extraction of paraffin from shale, founds West Lothian chemical industry

1854 British and French Forces start the siege of the strategic Russian port of Sevastopol home of its Black Sea Fleet.

1855 English businessman Sir Harry Bessemer patented the process for making steel.

1860 Scotland plays host to the world’s first professional golf tournament, at Prestwick.

1915 Canadian movie producer Harry Saltzman, co-producer of the first 9 James Bond films, was born in New Brunswick

1933 Canadian women's rights activist Emily Murphy, the first female magistrate in the British Empire dies in Edmonton.

1936 Edward VIII affair with US divorcee Mrs. Wallis Simpson is kept secret by Lord Beaverbrook’s controlled press.

1956 Queen Elizabeth II opened the world's first commercial nuclear power station at Calder Hall, Sellafield in Cumbria.

1960 Irish singer Bernie Nolan, actress, and television personality and the lead vocalist of The Nolan’s, was born in Dublin.

1970 Canada's Vice-Premier Pierre Laporte, is strangled with the chain of a religious medal, by the FLQ terrorist group.

1978 Scotland due to public pressure reduces the number of grey seals to be culled.

1980 Queen Elizabeth II flies to Rome and meets the Pope in the Vatican City.

1985 Britain passed a law permitting doctors to prescribe oral contraceptives to girls aged under 16 without parental consent.

2000 Britains high-speed passenger train derailed in Hatfield, just north of London, killing four passengers.

2002 Irish musician Derek Bell, harpist in the band The Chieftains dies during minor surgery recovery in the United States.

2011 London's Isleworth crown court sentenced Brixton pickpocket, to 2 years in jail for anti-social behavior order.  

2012 English blind man's white stick is mistaken for a Samurai sword, so receives a 50,000-volt Taser from a police officer.

2021 Britain has given out 94.6M Covid 19 doses, and 66.7% of the population is fully vaccinated, and free to travel.

2021 British still can’t visit the USA, who has given 407m Covid 19 doses, only 57.3% of the population fully vaccinated.


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