1990 Britain to France Channel Tunnel meet.

1135 King Henry I died aged 66 after eating too many lampreys (jawless fish resembling eels). 
1241 English princess Isabella, wife of German Frederick II, Holy Roman Emperor, and Queen consort of Sicily dies in Puglia, Italy.  

1420 Henry V the second English monarch from the House of Lancaster, enters Paris after defeating the French Army.
1494 Irelands parliament, under the Poynings Law is forbidden to meet or pass any laws without the English King's prior permission,

1577 Queen Elizabeth I principal secretary Sir Francis Walsingham, popularly remembered as her "spymaster" is Knighted.
1581 English Jesuit priests Alexander Briant and Edmund Campion, for high treason were hanged, drawn and quartered at Tyburn.
1641 English colonists in Massachusetts becomes first colony to give statutory recognition to slavery.
1787 Scotland's first lighthouse lights up at Kinnaird Head, Fraserburgh. It is built by Thomas Smith and Robert Stevenson.

1833 Britain’s Parliament abolishes slavery throughout the British Empire, except in East India Company Territories!
1848 Irish paddle steamer The Londonderry, over full with immigrants fleeing the famine, takes shelter in Derry Harbour, 72 suffocate.
1866 Welsh Surveyor of India, George Everest, who the Royal Geographical Society named Mount Everest after, died in London.
1868 London’s Smithfield covered meat market, designed by Victorian architect Sir Horace Jones opens for business.
1887 Britain's Beeton's Christmas Annual paperback magazine prints, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's 'A Study in Scarlet', for the first time.
1895 English Naturalist, Henry Williamson, journalist, and author of the classic book 'Tarka the Otter’ was born in London.
1919 Britains first female Member of Parliament, American-born Lady Astor takes her seat in the House of Commons.

1926 Canadian voters in Ontario decide on government control of the sale of liquor; rather than prohibition.
1932 Canada sewer and gas pipes blasts a six square mile radius of Northern Montréal, the cause of the explosion was never found.
1940 Scottish cricketer and referee, Mike Denness, who played for England, Scotland, Kent and Essex, was born in Lanarkshire.
1942 British economist Sir William Beveridge proposed The Beveridge Report, calling for a welfare state for Britain.
1943 British PM Winston Churchill, President Franklin D Roosevelt and Marshal Joseph Stalin meet in Tehran Iran, to discuss D-Day.
1946 Irish singer-songwriter, Gilbert (Richard) O'Sullivan, best known for "Alone Again (Naturally)"and "Clair" was born in Waterford.
1955 Irish sports pundit and former Gaelic footballer, Pat Spillane, regarded as one of the greatest players of all time is born in Kerry.
1960 Canadian Bank of Nova Scotia has assets purchase by Castro's government of Cuba.

1960 Scottish anarchist Ethel McDonald, propaganda broadcaster on Barcelona radio during the Spanish Civil War, dies in Glasgow.

1960 English musicians Paul McCartney and Pete Best are arrested and deported from Hamburg accused of attempted arson.
1965 South Africa government says children of white fathers are white.
1966 Britain's post office issued its first special edition of Christmas stamps.

1969 Canadian Police forces start using Breathalyzer testing to take blood alcohol levels of suspected impaired drivers.
1969 London’s House of Commons, unveils a statue of former British Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill.
1987 British business scandal involved an attempt to manipulate Guinness stock, chairman Ernest Saunders is arrested with others.
1990 Britain to France Channel Tunnel meet 40 meters beneath the English Channel, as the last separating rocks were removed.
1999 Irelands, Clare County Council approves the development of Pol an Ionian cave, with the world’s largest free hanging stalactite.
2001 Britains 13 most popular museums have waved their entrance fees, thanks to a pledge made during the last General Election.
2010 Scottish Highland's coldest winter, 4,000 schools and Forth Road Bridge was closed for the first time since it opened in 1964.

0000 (Unless otherwise indicated, all illustrations are courtesy of Wikipedia)

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